1st Day!!

The day has finally arrived! I am officially in South Korea!

The whole group of ETAs are staying at Yonsei University’s international campus for the next 6 weeks. We will be taking korean language classes, culture classes, and teaching workshops. Along with this we will have some extracurricular outings we can do over the next few weeks.

Getting used to all the different things they do here. One thing is the slippers around the room, leaving shoes at the door, and bowing to people when I greet them. It’s kind of fun the differences so I hope that feeling stays.

We got out shirts! I kind of like the color. It’s growing on me. Sort of UCF colors. Tomorrow we get out language books for class. Apparently, these books won’t be published till next year so we are testing them for the professors here. I won’t complain about any free books so that’s fine with me!

It’s been a really long, exhausting day so I’m super ready to go to sleep. I’m so tired I had to rewrite that last sentence a few times because or spelling errors.

Excited for tomorrow!

Date: July 7th, 2019

Time: 7:43pm(Kor)


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