Day 2

Photo Dump!

Today was good! Tired more today than yesterday surprisingly.

I went to this market area called Triple Street. It had a bunch of stores, kind of like a mall, but it also had a store with necessities. That was the main goal today lol

Got a cute little fan for the heat if some of the classrooms don’t have AC.

Had our first Korean class today. Went over vowels and consonants so it was mostly review. Our teacher is hilarious! Kim Jinwan (김진완) is a great teacher. He told us how he felt so nervous about today that he woke up this morning and wanted to “give up” on doing the class but after he met us he was glad he did this program with us. We’re going to have a fun 6 weeks with him!

Tomorrow is a break day, sort of. We have no Korean tomorrow so it’s a bit of a break to study.

Signed up for some excursions. Going to Incheaon Chinatown and 심포 Market on Saturday and sunday the 27th-28th. Also, going to do a Temple Stay! We can stay at a Buddhist temple for an evening and do some activities there. It is so different that I am not sure what to expect but it’ll be an experience for sure!

Going to do some hw then watch a movie or something before bed. Ready for tomorrow!

Date: July 9th, Monday

Time: 8:44pm (Kor)


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