Test Running Packing

So I am trying to figure out my packing situation. I decided to test run packing my books, bags, shoes, and miscellaneous items. I also tried to see how my coat would fit in my suitcase.

Overall, I think I have plenty of space! I don’t anticipate needing to shove anything else in my big suitcases except for clothes. I also think I am going to have my big coat brought to me by a friend later in the year. That way it doesn’t take up needed space since I won’t need it for a while. I can still get rid of a few things if needed, like books or a bag. So I am not struggling with bringing all of this stuff with me.

I also have compiled a list of items I want to take with me so I can check them off as I go. The nice thing is I can buy a lot of stuff while I am there, but I want to try to limit the amount I have to re-buy as much as possible.

I will be going to buy some nice jeans and shirts for work/daily life. I am so relieved that I can wear jeans because it limits the amount of clothes I will need to bring. I don’t want to hold out too much of them having a lot of clothes or shoes in my size so I am trying to bring enough to survive but too much.

If anyone has any recommendations for packing tips, let me know! I have some of those ziploc bags that you push all the air out of them to save space, but that is about it.


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