2 days to go!

So, I have packed all my stuff up except for the things I’ll need over the next 2 days and the clothes I want to wear on the plane. I feel like I’ve got WAY TOO MUCH stuff but I can’t narrow it down any further without feeling like I am under prepared.

I have stuff in here that will eventually be given to my coworkers and host family as presents. I also have a good part of my winter suitcase full of just my winter jacket and my boots. If I didn’t have those it would look less crowded. However, I didn’t want them shipped to me cause it would have been a lot of money.

I have 6 books that I am bringing with me that are not related to teaching but they’re all pocket sized editions so don’t take up much space. I just couldn’t see myself going the whole year without having SOME book books on me and not just my Kindle Oasis.

I feel comfortable with what I am bringing but I also wish it wasn’t so much. I already know I’ll need more space for the things I buy while I am in Korea but those might end up being put in a third suitcase or shipped home. I’ll worry about that when the time comes.

I just keep reminding myself that it is for a year, so eventually I will want/need everything I am bringing with me.


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